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Rise Up to the Puzzles: Twelve Days of FME 2021

Twelve Days of FME is back this year! 6 puzzles across 12 days, prizes to be won, and a livestream each morning. Join us!

Twelve Days of FME for 2021 is right around the corner. A series of challenges will appear over the coming month. You can enter any challenge, all challenges, or none at all (though then you won’t win any prizes). We have great activities and prizes to get you through this holiday season. Join in the community action every day until December 17th to have some fun with the FME community this season of giving!

We will be online on YouTube and Twitch


What’s In Store? Twelve Days of FME Puzzles

A Puzzle a Day

We will do a livestream of a new puzzle each morning and a prize per puzzle! Correct answers will get a prize draw entry. We’ll pick the winner of the grand prize in the last live stream. Each puzzle is a fun (and simple) game that earns you up to five entries in the grand prize draw. 

Where to find Daily Livestreams? YouTube and Twitch

12 days of fme contest timeline this season of giving

What is FME for Good?

December is the official month of FME for Good and we wanted to tie that into this event! How can we use data for good? How can we do good things with FME? 

We won’t go into full detail but Puzzle 3 will involve using FME to create or process humanitarian data via the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX). This is a website for finding and sharing data for humanitarian purposes.

HDX logo

All terms and conditions are highlighted here and will apply. Looking for more information or looking forward to participating? This article is what you need to look at. 


What You Can Win!

Daily prizes include a $20 gift card for The Game Crafter each day, where you can buy FME Trading cards. These include 2020 and 2021 FME Collector Cards. So, what is the grand prize? The winner of the grand prize draw will win this beautiful 4.5” MOVA Black & Silver Globe.

twelve days of fme grand prize is a mova globe for this season of giving 2021

The Grand Prize: Black and White MOVA Globe

No batteries, cords or charging required! This globe turns on with any source of interior light. Each MOVA globe combines amazing artwork with their state-of-the-art hidden solar cells and the earth’s magnetic field. The globe rotates freely and flawlessly on its base with no cords attached! 


Why Participate? What’s Different this Year?

This year, there are fewer puzzles in the Twelve Days of FME contest. Our puzzles are also more based on general understanding of FME. Our goal is to ensure everyone has fun and participates! So, why should you participate?

  1. Fun!
    For fun… obviously. There isn’t too much of a learning component this year.. These Twelve Days of FME puzzles are meant to be pure fun!
  2. Be a part of the community!
    It’s a great feeling to be a part of something… to be a part of the FME community. Because that’s the way to be during the holidays.
  3. Use your FME skills!
    Put your FME skills to good use and win some prizes this holiday! Keep your mind and FME knowledge fresh with small tasks. You’ll thank us after the festive feasts you are going to have this season.
  4. Get into the holiday spirit with us!
    Ho, ho, ho! It’s that time of the year… FME: Holiday edition. It’s the season of giving! Find out what our experts are up to and what seasonal fun there is at Safe.
  5. Less emphasis on FME knowledge!
    This isn’t a huge hackathon! It doesn’t involve a lot of time. Puzzle 3 (with FME for Good) might be the lengthiest, but nothing beyond that.


What are you Waiting for this Season of Giving? 

From the Geoguessr game in October to the postcard swap in November, and now with Twelve Days of FME, the FME Community is a busy place with a monthly Community Connections event. To join in the monthly fun (and season of giving…). Find out what is coming up in the New Year, you’ll have to join the FME Community to find out! 

We hope to see you for all the challenges happening during the Twelve Days of FME! Before you go… what are your best holiday movies of all time? Comment below, we’d love to know!



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