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What’s New in FME 2020.1

From more support for spatial data to added functionality that makes enterprise integration easier than ever, FME 2020.1 has a ton of new features to get excited about.

We’ve hit that time in the year where FME .1 gets released! From more support for spatial data to added functionality that makes enterprise integration easier than ever, FME 2020.1 has a ton of new features to get excited about.

While we can’t contain our enthusiasm for 2020.1, we are a tad bit disappointed about one thing… the FME UC! We were looking forward to talking about this new release face-to-face, but now we must do it screen-to-screen. On the bright side, we’ll see you all at next year’s user conference! And that means we can talk about even bigger and better things that’ll be available in the 2021.1 release. 

But, let’s jump back into the present. What’s new NOW in FME 2020.1? Here’s the quick list:

  • The data: more support for spatial data in the cloud, enhanced functionality for industry-specific data types and new BI formats.
  • The performance: take enterprise integration and productivity to the next level
  • The mobile apps: integrating data from the palm of your hand has never been easier
  • The savings: that’s right — savings. The money kind.


To see everything that’s been added to FME 2020, visit the new features page

The Data: Spatial Data and Beyond

What’s FME the best at? Spatial. 

What do people want? Spatial. 

What’s new in FME 2020.1? More. Spatial.

In addition to spatial support, here are some other FME 2020.1 data highlights:


The Performance: Integrate Your Enterprise With Ease

With new features built to make sharing your data across your enterprise more efficient, FME 2020.1 is your one-stop shop for enterprise integration.

Here are the FME 2020.1 performance and usability highlights:

  • Data aware transformer dialogs: Spend less time on tedious tasks and streamline your authoring experience 
  • FME Server Gallery Apps: Build web pages to share FME Server Apps and other resources. No HTML, JavaScript, or CSS knowledge required! 
  • Gain visibility into important files and tasks:
    • Show all data published to Repositories (workspaces, source data, supporting files, and custom transformers)
    • View all Schedule Triggers and Schedules in one place
  • Dynamic templated workspaces: Design complex Automations with ease by consolidating multiple workspaces together
  • Increased FME Server security settings:
    • Advanced proxy server settings enable you to use exceptions and wildcards


The Mobile Apps: The Power is in Your Hands

FME Data Express and FME AR give FME users the ability to integrate their data wherever they go. Whether it’s to visualize utility lines underground, display navigation routes, or to collect, log, and upload data while in the field, FME mobile apps are the new way to integrate. 

Here’s what’s new with FME mobile apps:

FME Data Express 

Results from Data Streaming workflows open automatically in the appropriate viewing app (like FME AR!), plus setting up data download is easier. This improves your experience by simplifying workflows.

Get it on Google PlayGet it on iTunes


The app updates include support anchors, multiple viewpoints, people occlusion, and model expiration dates. This makes it easier to navigate models within the app and teleport to different views more smoothly.

Get it on Google PlayGet it on iTunes


The Savings: Pay and Deploy the Way You Want To

Originally FME was all about saving you time and money by providing you with a new data integration method. And it worked! Customers have saved hundreds of hours and millions of dollars, thanks to FME.

Didn’t think you could save anymore? Well, you can.

New Subscription Programs

The new Utilities, Education, and Airports subscription programs enable you to maximize the value of your data across the entire organization for less. Use unlimited licenses of FME Desktop and FME Server at one annual price so all data needs across all departments can be met.

There are also updates to the Enterprise Subscription program! The program is now more flexible with minimum purchases beginning at $15,000 instead of $50,000 and the ability to choose exact pricing instead of using standard tiers. Everyone’s eligible to save, no matter what industry you’re in.

Interested in Dynamic Engines? 

Dynamic Engines give customers the ability to access more engine processing power at the click of a button, and only pay for the amount of time they use them.

Take it for a spin and access the power of FME Engines with 100 hours of Dynamic Engines credit, now included by default for all FME Server 2020.1 trials


Deploy FME with Marketplaces

Use the BYOL (bring-your-own-license) offerings to deploy FME quickly and easily.  Now offered in Google Cloud Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Google Cloud MarketplaceGoogle Cloud Marketplace                   Azure MarketplaceAzure Marketplace


That’s it for FME 2020.1! Let us know what you think, or let us know what you’d like to see in future FME releases in the Ideas Exchange. Visit the New Features page for the full list of FME 2020 updates.

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