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The 12 Days of FME

If you follow us on social media, you probably noticed a theme over the last 12 days. Behold the 12 Days of FME in its entirety. On behalf of everyone...

If you follow us on social media, you probably noticed a theme over the last 12 days. Behold the 12 Days of FME in its entirety.

On behalf of everyone at Safe, we would like to wish you the happiest of holidays. See you in the New Year!


This year marked the exciting beta release of FME Cloud, the world’s first and only location-aware iPaaS. FME Cloud combines the transformative power of FME Server with all of the benefits of the cloud. Visit to learn more.


Safe Software was founded in 1993 by Don Murray and Dale Lutz. Since then, the company has grown worldwide and has 100+ employees. Get to know our founders at and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @DonAtSafe and @DaleAtSafe.


Did you know that FME ships with over 5,000 coordinate systems based on a variety of different projections, ellipsoids, and datums? FME 2014 will have added support for three more for Germany, Belgium, and the Antarctic. With this many coordinate systems available, Santa will never get lost on his journey around the world! Visit Coordinate Systems on FMEpedia to learn more about coordinate systems in FME.


The FME International User Conference 2014 is coming in June. It’s our fourth one, and sure to be the biggest, most exciting one yet! Get inspired in 50+ sessions, have your questions answered by experts, network with industry leaders, learn about cutting-edge technology, get FME certified, and more – all in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Register and learn more at


FME 2014 will give you the opportunity to place your data on top of background maps in the FME Data Inspector. Options include:

  1. Esri ArcGIS Online Map Service
  2. MapBox Web Map Tile Service
  3. MapQuest Web Map Tile Service
  4. Stamen Maps
  5. Other FME Formats

Stay tuned for more information on the FME 2014 release, coming in January, and visit the Safe Blog for a sneak peek at the top 10 improvements to FME Workbench.


Did you know you can run FME on six platforms? This includes 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices, and as of FME 2014, a technical preview on Mac OS X and Linux.


Connect with us through any (or all!) of seven social platforms:

Safe Blog

FMEpedia Community



FME 2014 will have a host of great new features for transforming your point cloud datasets, including component translation that’s better than ever! Among these improvements are eight brand new point cloud transformers.


The FME World Tour 2014 will stop at nine U.S. states. But it doesn’t stop there – the FME World Tour is taking place all across the globe! Find the city nearest you at, and join us this April-May for networking, tips, and the inside scoop on FME 2014.


From database to server to SDK development, every area of our product has a specialized, dedicated team of people to make it top-notch. We at Safe are always looking for talented, enthusiastic people to join our team. Our office is located just outside of Vancouver, Canada. Learn more about current job opportunities at


Every FME release has tens of thousands of hours of development effort put into making it the best one yet. For FME 2014, this involved approximately eleven thousand source code check-ins!


FMEpedia is full of articles, conversations, demo videos, and webinars to help you accomplish all your data translation tasks with FME. The Knowledge Base has hundreds of articles, including How-To guides, FAQs, common errors and how to resolve them, and more. The Desktop section alone has twelve distinct categories of articles to help you maximize your potential with FME. Visit for more categories, including FME Server, or to ask your own questions in Community Answers.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Safe!


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