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FME Server 2013: The Next Generation

The latest and greatest in FME Server 2013 help users get more hands-off with their data than ever.

Talk about your hands-off data challenges! With Mars an average of 225,000,000 kilometers away from us, the scientists at NASA have accomplished amazing things communicating with the rover Curiosity and retrieving data from its array of sensors. Back here on Earth, more and more FME users are taking advantage of FME Server to get more hands-off with their data too – and FME Server 2013’s new features and enhancements are making that more possible than ever.

Last year saw the introduction of notifications and complex event processing, and we’ve continued along that trajectory with FME Server’s notification services, putting real-time data handling within your reach. Instantly receive, process, respond to, and deliver data – including sensor data – using common protocols like HTTP and email. And new for 2013 – we’ve added mobile device protocols including Apple Push and Google Messaging, bringing the mobile network into your workflow.

We’ve also made FME Server 2013 easier for everyone to use – administrators and end users alike – with a greatly improved unified web interface. It is permissions-driven, combining ease-of-use with granular security. The scheduling interface has been improved, and upgrading from earlier versions of FME Server is easier than ever. Performance gains are a mandated part of every new release, and 2013 sees more jobs per second processed.

When it comes to getting your hands off your data, FME Server just keeps getting better and better! For a complete list of What’s Great in FME 2013 – both Desktop and Server – check out safe.local/WhatsGreat2013

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