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Employee Spotlight: Steve MacCabe

Product Support Specialist - Joined Safe Software in January 2011

What is your role at Safe?
I provide support for FME Server (and FME Desktop), and customer training. Webinars are a big part too – I usually present our monthly FME Server webinar, and help produce a variety of other FME-related topics throughout the year.

That’s a bit of a change for you, isn’t it?
It sure is – after spending many years working on projects that can span months or even years, it’s really fun to come to work and not know what lies ahead on any given day! The tasks are always changing, and we get to use many different GIS, CAD and database products while having fun solving problems and making our FME customers happy.

When you’re not doing that, where would we find you?
I have too many hobbies and not enough time. But if I was to list them in the order that I get to do them – ice hockey, cycling, exercising… then there’s golfing, mountain biking, fishing and the outdoors… and I have my Private Pilot License, too.

We heard you had an alternate career in mind at one point…
I dreamed of being an astronaut! Right up until university. I was fascinated with rockets and everything about it. These days, though, I explore the skies with my telescope and alien worlds with a round of Halo 4. Recently we launched some rockets off at home… great fun! Watching technology develop through programs like the Ansari X Prize is exciting – I may very well still make it into space one day.

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