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FME User Spotlight: Trond Ottersland, Norway

Powel AS, Product Manager Smart Generation, FME User for 4+ years

Powel AS, Product Manager Smart Generation, FME User for 4+ years

You said it was “love at first sight” when you met FME. Tell us more!
Well, in 2008 I had a project to finalize, mosaicking and tiling TIFF files based on polygons and adding GeoTIFF tags. FME solved it. And it was so easy! I have been working with format conversions for many years, and I have always spent a lot of time reading format specs. Now, with FME, I can skip this and concentrate on the result.

And so your favorite FME Transformer would be…
Definitely the Clipper. It was the first one I used and I have used it on many occasions. The possibility to add name to output data based on an attribute of the clipper polygons is great.

We hear you take FME into the great outdoors too.
I started drawing orienteering maps way back when an Apple II CX was expensive… I have always been interested in maps! Now I have a Garmin GPS tracker on my hunting dog, and an FME workspace that has loaded four years of dog tracks into an ArcGIS® file geodatabase, which I analyze to help plan our trips.

Do you have any tips for other FME Users?
I started by going through tutorials – and learned a lot. I am also paying attention to the webinars and FME Talk. You never know when something useful comes up and I have improved some of my work with tips from FME Talk.

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