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FME User Spotlight: Michael Habarta

AED-SICAD Aktiengesellschaft, FME User for 8+ years

AED-SICAD Aktiengesellschaft,
FME User for 8+ years

What’s the most interesting project you’ve used FME for?
Definitely the development of our own SemanticMapper transformer. Somebody at Safe called it a “SchemaMapper on steroids”. It is kind of pushing the generic approach to the limits and we can do amazing things with a relatively small number of transformers.

You’re a Certified FME Professional. What does that mean to you?
Well, it makes me a bit proud and humble at the same time. FME brought excitement into my work life, and even turned into a hobby. I was lucky to handle impressive projects at the right time to receive this title as an award.
I have to thank my colleagues who helped make these projects a success.

You’ve managed to combine your many creative talents with FME…
Well, first I experimented with looping Custom Transformers creating FME Art. Later on, a colleague created a Beeper transformer, and I figured out how to customize the frequency and length parameters so it could understand music notation. The day I used it to play “Feliz Navidad” at FME Days in Münster to a standing ovation was certainly a highlight in my FME adventures!

What’s your favorite FME Transformer?
The most astounding one in effectiveness is the GeometryReplacer with GML variant. You see what the XML/GML
world can do to you 😉 ?

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