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FME Blog FME and the Silver-Lined Cloud

FME and the Silver-Lined Cloud

Using FME Server on Amazon.

There are riches to be found in the clouds! For those adventurous souls who make the arduous trek to the heights of the Andes, it’s the cultural treasure trove of the Lost City of the Incas. For FME users, it’s the wealth of opportunity that FME’s proven cloud support opens up.

Explore the possibilities of the Amazon – the Amazon Machine Image (AMI), that is – providing the fastest route possible to FME deployment in the cloud. And with FME Server’s new notification capabilities, the push communications you need are ready to go.

Cloud-specific formats are emerging as a viable alternative for storing and serving up your valuable data, and FME 2012 supports them as well, including Microsoft Windows AzureTM, Azure OGDI, Google Fusion TablesTM (both Spatial and Non-Spatial), and Google Spreadsheets. With access to databases hosted in the cloud, and XML and JSON support, you’ve got the tools you need in your pack to take your next trek to loftier heights.

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