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The Faculty of XMoLogy

See the new improvements for XML support in FME 2012.

Epigraphists and papyrologists devote their academic careers to the study of reading and writing obscure forms of communication like Maya hieroglyphs and ancient Egyptian papyri, indecipherable to most of us regular folks.

Here at Safe? Well, you can call us the XMoLogists. We’ve devoted an enormous development effort in FME 2012 to provide you with a Rosetta stone to help interpret the multitudes of XML dialects.

We’ve added and improved a selection of transformers, including the XMLFlattener and XMLFragmenter, and added new XQuery functions and XHTML support. The most exciting additions, however, are the new XMLSampleGenerator and XMLUpdater.

The XMLSampleGenerator creates an XML document based on an XML Schema (.XSD), which you can use to create entire XML documents, or portions of XML documents – or feed it into the XMLTemplater to create templates. The XMLUpdater lets you update individual values within an existing XML document without having to recreate the entire document.

Speaking of dialects – new XML formats for 2012 include AIXM 5.1, INSPIRE, OS VectorMap™, and Top50NL readers. And our new CityGML 1.1 reader/writer also supports ADEs.

Do you have an XML Challenge? Think you can stump our panel of XMoLogists? Visit
safe.local/ilovexml and send us your examples!

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