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FME User Spotlight: Steven Perkins, City of Ottawa

Senior Project Photogrammetrist, FME User for 6 months

Senior Project Photogrammetrist, FME User for 6 months

What is your role at the City of Ottawa?
Predominantly I perform GIS analysis to present complex ideas with maps. Since discovering FME, I can now spend more time on analyzing the data and less time converting it.

What do you like best about your role?
I get to interact with many different client groups on a variety of projects so not one day is the same.

What is your most interesting project?
Helping the police to investigate such things as crimes or missing persons has been the most fulfilling because I feel that I’m helping those who cannot necessarily help themselves.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I’m a family man, first and foremost but I do like to run. My daughter is old enough now to run with me and keep up… Truthfully, she’s the one who encourages me not to slow down.

Please share something unique about yourself.
My claim to fame is that my wife and I had twin boys on my daughter’s second birthday, so all 3 children share the same birthday. This is an excellent example of my project management skills in action.

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