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FME Loves XML and So Can You!

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You don’t have to fear XML anymore. FME makes it simple to work with XML data – whether you want to import or export it – without requiring you to be an XML Guru.

Even if you’re new to XML (such as OGC® GML and CityGML, OS MasterMap®, Geobase, etc.), FME makes it easy to pull information out of your XML file and get it into the system of your choice.

And FME does this without requiring you to learn XML tools like XQuery or XSLT. Instead, FME provides pre-defined transformers to help you easily whip your XML into shape. Let’s take a look at a few of these transformers:

XMLTemplater – give FME a sample of the XML structure you want to match, and FME will take your input data and output it as XML in the same file structure. Ta-da!

XMLValidator – use this transformer to check if the syntax of the XML you’re writing is valid, or to validate that the XML you’re writing meets specific schema requirements by checking it against an .xsd document.

XMLFormatter – make your XML pretty to the eye for easier reading.

Soon you’ll go looking for XML rather than trying to find ways to avoid it.

Loads of customers are now using FME to tackle their XML data challenges including: Ordnance Survey, City of Vancouver, Canada’s The Weather Network, and many who are working on the INSPIRE initiative such as the Swedish EPA.

Join the movement! Take our XML Challenge: Send us your XML problem and let us show you how easy it can be to work with XML.

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