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FME User Spotlight: Kathy Cartlidge, Spatial Solutions Developer

FME User for 2.5 Years

FME User for 2.5 Years

What is your role at LagenSpatial?
I’m an “all-rounder” technician who specializes in FME and MapInfo®. For FME, I manage our FME Server demo site, as well as provide technical support, training and onsite consulting.

How has your life “transformed” since you became an FME Technician?
Believe it or not, prior to taking this role, I used to be a sales assistant and data entry specialist. Learning to use and support FME – without any prior spatial background – has been a wonderful challenge and very rewarding experience. I think I’ve found my true passion and calling.

Tell us about an interesting project you’ve worked on.
The Wildlife History project for the New South Wales Royal Fire Service. I had to merge polygon datasets from various agencies, while applying strict rules. The workspaces were very complex, requiring custom and loop transformers, as well as several workspace runners.

Do you have any tips for FME users?
If it doesn’t work one way, keep trying different approaches until you get results. That’s the beauty of FME – it has so many options that can help you get to the right solution.

What are your hobbies?
I really enjoy anime, video games, drawing, reading, writing, piano, and programming – yes it’s actually a real hobby of mine!

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