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Employee Spotlight: Carolyn Vantol

Annual Maintenance Manager, Joined Safe Software in February 2006

Annual Maintenance Manager,
Joined Safe Software in February 2006

What is your role here at Safe?
As part of the Sales team, I manage our Annual Maintenance Program. It’s a rewarding job as I get to hear how customers have been using FME since first becoming a customer.

What’s next for the annual maintenance program?
We’ve been working to improve the software delivery process. For the next release, maintenance customers will be able to instantly download FME 2011 instead of waiting for a DVD to arrive. Don’t worry; customers who still require a DVD will receive one. On another note, we also recently introduced FME Gold Technical Support, an enhanced support offering for application-specific questions. [Editor’s Note: For details, visit safe.local/FMEGoldSupport].

How do you spend your free time?
Cards, cards and more cards! Since 2007, I’ve been creating and selling roughly 300 handmade greeting cards each year. All of the profits are donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, in honor of my cousin Jane who is now a cancer survivor after a long, well fought battle.

Tell us a bit about your family.
My husband and I have two daughters who now live in Michigan and Alberta. We raised them to be independent, and they went and moved away – go figure!

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