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Using FME Server to Power a Turnkey Data Sharing Solution

FME Server to simplify the process of sharing map data with internal and external users.

Dotted Eyes, a well-established GIS and CAD solution provider and an FME reseller in the United Kingdom, recently introduced an innovative solution that uses FME Server to simplify the process of sharing map data with internal and external users.

Dotted Eyes’ new web application, Contractor PortalTM, automatically extracts and converts map data into the end user’s preferred formats, making it easier to share and license geographic information. It integrates the power of FME Server’s data conversion capabilities with an intuitive mapping interface to offer a turnkey data sharing solution that removes the time and complexity involved in managing license agreements and data requests – enabling organizations to free up valuable GIS resources for other critical projects while ensuring that current map data is available at all times so project work can start straight away.

The solution enables users to pan and zoom in the map interface, draw a polygon around the data they require and choose their desired output layers and formats from a pre-defined list. The user’s order is then automatically processed by FME Server which crops the data for delivery by download or on disk. The license manager can log in at any time to export information to a .csv file for internal audit purposes such as proving compliance with data licensing terms. A record of when a contractor completed their online license agreement and who acted as a signatory is also maintained.

“Contractor Portal aims to revolutionize the way in which GIS departments deliver their services by removing the repetitive low value items from a GIS professional’s task list so that they can focus instead on real, high value GIS services and analysis,” says Benjamin Allan, Managing Director of Dotted Eyes. “FME Server is an integral part of both network and hosted versions of Contractor Portal as it enables the seamless supply of data without manual intervention.”

To see Contractor Portal in action for yourself, contact Craig Dean at Dotted Eyes ( for a personal demo.

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