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The Next Installment: II

This post is a quick update on FME installer changes for 2010.

Hi FME’ers,
Here’s a quick update on FME installer changes for 2010.

FME “Light”
If you’ve ever downloaded FME you’ll have noticed a “light” version of FME which – for reasons of size – excluded various formats and coordinate grid files.

Well, notice no longer. Because there are only 3 or 4 downloads per month of this version, we’ve decided to stop producing it. From now on there will only be the full version. I hope this won’t cause anyone any major pain. The download size for the full version is not much greater anyway.

Also we are going to cease creating the Grid Shift installer package, gridshift.exe

This is because all of the grids involved are already included in the full FME installer, so we don’t believe this separate installer is still required.

I’ll just repeat that last point: all grid files in gridshift.exe are included in the full FME installer.

I emphasize this because there really wasn’t any need to use this installer unless you had the light FME version, and yet we’ve noticed that a lot of full FME users are downloading the file.

New FME Installer
Also on the topic of installers, as you can see from the above image, the default download is now the new MSI installer. We’ll make the old exe version available a little longer, but it too will be removed in the near future.

You can find more information about the switch in a previous FME Evangelist post.

Of course if you’re ever having any problems with either installer then be sure to contact as soon as possible.

Hope this info is of use,

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