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Automation Keys: What They Are and Why You Should Use Them

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Holly Coxon
Mark Warren

Webinar Details

Building Automations in FME Server can save time, money, and helps businesses scale by eliminating data silos and providing data to stakeholders in real-time. One essential component to orchestrating complex Automations is the use of keys. In fact, it’s unlikely you’ll ever build an Automation without using keys of some sort, but what exactly are they?

Keys enable the Automation Author to pass data values from one Automation component to the next. During this webinar, our FME Server Support Specialists Holly Coxon and Mark Warren will take a deep dive into the world of keys; Event, Global & User. As a bonus, they’ll also be making use of the new Split-Merge Block functionality.

You’ll leave this webinar with a better understanding of how to maximize the potential of Automations by making use of these keys, with the ultimate goal of setting your enterprise integration workflows up on autopilot.