How to Improve Data Exchange in Intergraph using FME
Thursday, June 21 at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET
Discover how to easily exchange data in an Intergraph environment (GeoMedia, I/CAD, G/Technology). You'll learn how to create a repeatable process for manipulating data before it gets to your database – whether Oracle, SQL Server, or Access. You'll also see how to efficiently convert data from legacy systems (i.e. FRAMME or G/Technology 9.x) to G/Technology 10, as well as increase GeoMedia's format reach by enabling a direct connection with FME. Find out how your organization’s databases and other GIS systems – including Esri ArcGIS – can work in harmony with your Intergraph products.
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About FME
Transform spatial data to use and share. Only FME gives you unlimited flexibility to restructure, reformat, and integrate more than 275 different spatial and non-spatial data formats. With FME, it's easier to solve more of your data interoperability headaches. Learn more about achieving total spatial data mastery at www.safe.com.
About the Presenters
Dale Lutz
Co-founder and VP of Product Development

Dale has been using his knowledge and experience to lead the core development of FME since Safe Software's inception more than 18 years ago. Much of Dale's time is spent refining and optimizing the user experience in FME's graphical user interfaces, as well as leading the integration of FME technology into third-party GIS applications. Known for his expertise in data interoperability, Dale continues to help Safe's customers find better ways to access the spatial data they need to use.

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Steve MacCabe

Steve is a Product Support Specialist at Safe Software and has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Surveying) Degree from the University of New Brunswick (UNB). While he began his career in pipeline and construction surveying, Steve joined Intergraph not long after graduating from UNB. He spent 10 years with Intergraph working closely with Oracle Spatial database products, starting with 8i. Steve recently joined the Safe team and is working towards becoming an FME Certified Trainer.