FME 2011 World Tour

Join the League of FME Superheroes

Thank you to all who attended our FME 2011 World Tour events. The Tour is now complete. If you weren't able to make it or just want to see some presentations again, please check out the Presentations Archive.

Calling all FME users - the FME-Signal is beaming bright in the sky, beckoning you to join the league of FME superheroes. How? Register to participate in the FME 2011 World Tour, coming this spring to 25+ cities worldwide. At these free local events, you’ll learn how to tap into your FME superpowers so you can more easily smash through spatial barriers and triumph over evil data challenges.


At these interactive and educational gatherings of FME users and experts,
you’ll have the opportunity to:
  • Gain new insights into how FME 2011 can help you protect your organization from the latest data interoperability villains
  • Develop your FME superpowers through technical “how to” and “best practice” sessions delivered by Safe partners and staff
  • Team up with FME Certified Professionals to troubleshoot technical issues
  • Network with local FME superheroes (Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet up with CADwoman, Captain Interop, or RasterMan…)

Join Us in a City Near You

Select your city for agenda details, location information and registration.
March 4
Vancouver, BC Safe Software
March 14
Atlanta, GA Safe Software
March 14 Austin, TX Safe Software
March 15
Washington, DC Safe Software
March 15
Houston, TX Safe Software
March 15
March 15
Montreal, QC Consortech
March 16
New York, NY Safe Software
March 16
San Diego, CA Safe Software
March 16
Quebec City, QC Consortech
March 17
Toronto, ON Safe Software
March 17
San Francisco, CA Safe Software
March 18
Ottawa, ON Safe Software
March 18
Calgary, AB Safe Software
April 4
Munich, Germany con terra GmbH
April 5
Düsseldorf, Germany con terra GmbH
April 5
Leeds, UK Dotted Eyes Ltd.
April 6
Antwerp, Belgium GIM nv.
April 7
Southampton, UK Dotted Eyes Ltd.
April 11
Fribourg, Switzerland INSER
April 12
Milan, Italy Sysgroup sri
April 14
Vienna, Austria Axmann Geoinformation gmbh
May 9
Perth, Australia Lagen Spatial Pty Ltd. & Navigate Pty Ltd.
May 11
Melbourne, Australia Lagen Spatial Pty Ltd. & Navigate Pty Ltd.
May 12
Brisbane, Australia Lagen Spatial Pty Ltd. & Navigate Pty Ltd.
May 13
Sydney, Australia Lagen Spatial Pty Ltd. & Navigate Pty Ltd.
May 31
Madrid, Spain Recursos Tecnicos Madrid, S.L.
June 15
São Paulo, Brazil
Inovação - Tecnologia da Informação Geográfica

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