What's New in ArcGIS 10.1 Data Interoperability Extension

Tuesday, August 21 at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 3pm GMT / 5pm CEST
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Major updates are included in the 10.1 version of the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension (based on FME technology). Discover how core areas have been streamlined, making data transformation easier and more powerful for tasks such as loading databases, doing CAD / GIS data exchange, and performing data validation. Learn about what else is new including: next generation support for 3D, LiDAR, and XML; additional supported formats; and a plethora of speed and usability enhancements.
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About the Presenters
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Dale Lutz, Co-founder and VP Product DevelopmentDale Lutz
Co-founder and VP of Product Development

Dale has been using his knowledge and experience to lead the core development of FME since Safe Software's inception more than 18 years ago. Much of Dale's time is spent refining and optimizing the user experience in FME's graphical user interfaces, as well as leading the integration of FME technology into third-party GIS applications. Known for his expertise in data interoperability, Dale continues to help Safe's customers find better ways to access the spatial data they need to use.

Dmitri Bagh, Scenario Creation and Testing Analyst  Dmitri Bagh
Scenario Creation and Testing Analyst 

Dmitri gathers and analyzes user feedback to help guide future FME development. He also tests new FME features and updates before they become available to the public, and draws upon his 15+ years of experience working with spatial data to develop intuitive examples used to solve common data problems with FME. Dmitri is also an FME Certified Professional.